Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A residence is currently located in a business or commercial zone. Can this home be rebuilt in the case of a fire or other disaster?

A: Any existing residence in a non residential zone which is damaged or destroyed by fire or other disaster may be reconstructed within 2 years of the date of the casualty. 

Q: I would like to know the dimensions of my property, and where my lot lines are located.

A: For detailed information on lot sizes, please contact the Whitman County Assessor's office. They are located on the first floor of the Whitman County Courthouse. They can be reached at 509-397-6220. As for property lines, the city does not confirm the location of property lines. For accurate property line locations, property owners can hire a licensed surveyor to properly locate property corners and lot lines. The cost for lot line location varies by surveyor, and is at the expense of the property owner. 

Q: How do I find out what the zoning designation of my property is, and what the permitted uses are?

A: The City of Colfax is divided into several zones. These can be seen on our zoning map which can be found on our GIS page by clicking here. Permitted uses for each zone are outlined in our zoning code located HERE

Q: I want to know if a certain property is located on private property or in the public right-of-way

A: The public right-of-way width will vary depending on the street. Please contact us at City Hall (509-397-3861) and we can help you determine the right-of-way width.

Q: How do I adjust property lines between two lots (Boundary line adjustment)

A: To adjust property boundary lines, you will need to do a boundary line adjustment. The procedure, requirements, and fees for a boundary line adjustment can be found in Chapter 16.52 of out Municipal code by clicking HERE. The application for a boundary line adjustment can be found HERE

Q: My project lies within the shoreline designation, how do I proceed?

A: Our shoreline master program can be found by clicking HERE. The SMP has a lot of information regarding regulations for projects within the shoreline designation. Our helpful SMP user guide can be found by clicking HERE.  

For other questions regarding topics such as boundary line adjustments, annexations, short plats, and/or planned developments, please see the links below. Feel free to contact our Building & Community Development department at 509-397-3861 if you have any questions.

  • Petition for Annexation, Click HERE

  • Short Plat procedure, Click HERE

  • Petition for Variance, Click HERE

  • Petition for Vacation, Click HERE

  • Right-of-way Permit, Click HERE

  • Conditional use permit, Click HERE

  • Substantial Development Permit Click HERE

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