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The Building function of the Administration Department is responsible for issuing building, plumbing, and heating / cooling permits. This also includes reviewing plans and conducting inspections for the work allowed under these permits. Electrical work is reviewed via the State of Washington. 


The Building function of the Administration Department is also responsible for enforcing the ICC Building Codes with State of Washington Building amendments.  These codes are the laws that regulate how a building is to be constructed, ranging from how strong the walls must be to how much insulation must be in them. The Building function of the Administration Department  also assigns address numbers to new and existing properties when needed.


Please click here to view the State of Washington Building Code which acts as the City of Colfax, Washington Building Code. 


Local Design Requirements




Other design requirements pertaining to the City of Colfax Building Code are located here. 


Steve Bretveld

Building & Community Development Associate

400 N Mill Street


Remember, Backflow testing needs to be done annually

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