Police Department

Colfax Police Department Mission Statement

We, the members of the Colfax Police Department, are committed to serving the members of our city, with professionalism and integrity. In doing so we will perform our duty to enforce the law and maintain order while affording dignity and respect to every individual. Our Mission shall be to improve the quality of life for all, using partnerships and problem solving to promote a safe and secure community. 


To foster a positive team environment that encourages the growth of all of our law enforcement employees to the benefit of our community. 


The Colfax Police Department Team is committed to building the trust and respect of our community through use of the following key ideals:

  • Safety
  • Courtesy 
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency 
  • Acting with integrity and accountability
  • Respecting and protecting individual rights


Goal 1

We work in partnership with our stakeholders and citizens to protect life, property and strive to promote safety throughout all our interactions.

Goal 2

Through courteous interactions with our citizens, we work to build positive community partnerships in an effort to increase police visibility and opportunities for positive interactions with police. 

Goal 3

We work to maintain a standard of professionalism with the efficient use of available resources that promotes an environment of integrity and accountability to establish respect and trust with our citizens. 


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Officer Tate
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Officer Kurtz
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Officer Blood
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Officer Warren
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a non-emergency number I can call to speak with an officer?

Yes, you can call 509-397-4616.