Supreme Court Emergency Order re CV19 was issued on March 18, 2020 (with a technical correction to Section number references in Section 10 on March 19, 2020).  The overall intent of the order was to move away from in-person appearances in most court proceedings and to prioritize the most critical issues facing our courts. 



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About the Court


The Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. The Municipal Court judge is authorized by Washington State statute to preside over the following types of cases: 


  • Traffic infractions

  • Criminal and gross misdemeanors

  • Civil vehicle impound hearings

The Municipal Court does not hear small claims or civil cases, change names or issue passports. The court strives to be an asset to the community through other programs that benefit the community. 




The Colfax Municipal Court provides an accessible forum for individuals to resolve issues and to settle disputes in a fair, courteous and dignified way in accordance with due process of law. 


Other types of cases


Contact the Whitman County District Court  at (509) 397-6260 regarding information on these types of cases:

  • Small claim cases up to $5,000

  • Anti-harassment orders

  • Civil actions up to $75,000

  • Name changes


Please contact the Whitman County Superior Court  at (509) 397-6244 regarding information on these types of cases:


  • Petitions for protection orders requesting removal of a party from the family home or involving custody and visitation of children.

  • Civil actions above $75,000

  • Felonies




  • Washington Courts - This is the State Department that supervises all operating courts in the State of Washington. 

  • MRSC Courts - This website has research studies and data pertaining to courts of local and statewide jurisdiction. 



Kris Thompson

Court Administrator

400 N Mill Street


Mark Monson-Prosecutor

Ph: (208)-882-0588


Deborah McCormick-Public Defender

Ph: (208)-301-9291

Judge Douglas Robinson

City of Colfax · 400 N Mill Street · Colfax, Washington 99111 · Phone (509) 397-3861 · Fax (509) 397-3044 Non-Emergency Police: 509-397-4616