Colfax, located on the Palouse River in Southeastern Washington, is the seat of Whitman County.  Whitman is a primarily agricultural county, and the predominant crop grown is wheat, farmed without irrigation across the region's rolling hills.  Among Washington's 39 counties, Whitman ranks first in wheat production, and ranks second in wheat production by county nationwide.  Whitman County also leads the nation in the production of edible dry peas, barley, and lentils, leads the state in hog and pig production, and also produces significant quantities of Kentucky bluegrass seed. The elevation in Colfax is 1,965 feet above sea level.  As of 2013, Colfax had 2,845 residents.  Colfax provides a nexus of services for wheat growers throughout region.

Major Events

The City of Colfax has several events year round hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Association, and other organizations. Some of these events include the annual Concrete River Festival, Palouse Fair, Winterfest, and First Thursdays

Sites & Landmarks

Colfax is full of historic sites and landmarks.  Some of these include the historic downtown district, Perkins house, the Codger Pole, and the Rose Theater. 

Parks and Recreation

The 2,880 citizens of Colfax support 11 parks with a variety of amenities. Four parks are placed strategically in neighborhoods. The City's parks contain areas for recreation such as swimming, sports, walking, and skateboarding. 

Local Business

The City of Colfax has many local businesses ranging from coffee shops and restaurants, to retail and professional services. With thriving local business, Colfax is a great place to find what you need.

City of Colfax · 400 N Mill Street · Colfax, Washington 99111 · Phone (509) 397-3861 · Fax (509) 397-3044 Non-Emergency Police: 509-397-4616